Tandem driver wanted to help make one man's Cape Town Cycle Tour dream a reality

Stefan du Plessis hopes to experience the thrill of the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Stefan du Plessis hopes to experience the thrill of the Cape Town Cycle Tour

Published Feb 25, 2022


Cape Town - Stefan du Plessis, 31, is afflicted by a condition called spinal kyphosis. It is an exaggerated forward curvature of the spine that causes the spine to compress.

Typically it comes with old age, but it’s not uncommon, as is Stefan’s case, for it to occur at birth.

The condition does not affect him too much, and apart from not being able to lift heavy items and walk for long distances, he is able to go about his day-to-day living with ease.

Stefan works as a front-line officer for Casidra, a project management provider that serves communities and businesses.

Despite not being a cyclist, he has always wanted to have the experience of doing the Cape Town Cycle Tour, and his company has answered his call for adventure by sponsoring him to ride for a charity in this year’s edition.

“Due to being short of stature, the only challenge is I wouldn’t be able to drive the distance and would just like to ride for the experience.”

La Cap Sportif is the charity that has chosen to sponsor Stefan and has asked over R700 for him to ride for them. They are a French-based company aimed at promoting sport in French and European communities.

However, Stefan’s dream has been put in jeopardy as he is struggling to find a rider willing to accommodate him for the race. The tandem driver that Stefan had found had issues with the trailer he was supposed to sit in throughout the race.

“I have mentioned it to (La Cap Sportif) but it looks like they are struggling to get someone. I am looking for someone who understands my situation and will let me ride with them.”

Stefan can be emailed at [email protected] or call 074 806 8440 if anyone can assist.

[email protected]

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