WATCH: Second #HighSchoolsQuiz knockout leaves Rylands High team smiling

Published Jul 30, 2019


Cape Town - The second elimination round of the Cape Argus High Schools Quiz sponsored by Food Lover’s Market in association with IIE’s Varsity College took place on Monday, and proved to be a thrilling experience.

32 teams competed in eight groups across the peninsula trying their best to outdo one another as the stakes for the High Schools Quiz get more intense.

Teams cannot afford to make any mistakes with only one more knockout stage left before the semi-finals and finals of quiz taking place on Saturday, August 17.

Group 4 of the knockout bouts took place at Maitland High School where Sibelius High School A, Maitland High School C, Masibambane Secondary School C and Rylands High School A competed against each other.

Ryland High School came out on top with 52 points at one of the knockouts in the Cape Argus High Schools Quiz that was held at Maitland High School. Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

Ryland High School A came out on top with 52 points of their group, while Sibelius High School A came second with 27 points. These two teams will be moving onto next week’s final knockout.

“It’s really nice because this is the furthest we’ve gotten in the quiz, said Grade 11 pupil Rizwana Chicktay from the Rylands ream.

“We’re feeling really happy actually about having gotten this far.

“We really just want to say thank you to our teachers for helping us, because it really helped us today. We balance our time but the work still is tough, you sacrifice your weekends to prepare for the quiz on Monday, but it really is an experience,” Chicktay said.

Pictured rom Left to Right: Rizwana Chicktay (Grade 11), Rabiyah Jada (Grade 10), Zainab Abdul Aziz (Grade 11) and Adbul Qaadir Parker (Grade 10). Picture: Armand Hough/African News Agency(ANA)

The team added that studying has been easier because as opposed to the round-robin stage because they only have to study a week’s worth of news as opposed to two weeks. 

“It’s much easier really, as your studying more detail,” Chicktay said.

“...And you know what questions to look out for,” added her teammate, Zainab Abdul Aziz.

The quiz has become one of the most fiercely contested high school competitions with the teams competing for the top prize.

Up for grabs is R 3000 per team member of the winning team, along with R 35 000 for their school and many others. 

The top two teams will then go on to compete in the National High Schools Quiz against teams from across the country.

The second elimination round of the Cape Argus High Schools Quiz resulted in Ryland High School A coming out on top with 52 points of their group bout. Video: Theolin Tembo/Cape Argus


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