Chopra’s wisdom is a guiding light to personal growth

Published May 18, 2024


My journey with Deepak Chopra began with a serendipitous encounter in a second-hand bookshop in Durban. Among dusty shelves, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind beckoned me, and with my last few coins, I secured a treasure that would shape my understanding of the universe.

Since then, Chopra’s wisdom has been a guiding light on my path of personal growth and self-discovery.

This is a great book to understand the difference between accepting to grow old and youthful in mind and heart using some practices for living a longer life.

In his latest collaboration, Deepak Chopra co-authors Quantum Body with physicist Jack Tuszynski and leading endocrinologist Brian Fertig, MD, to reveal the new frontiers in health and ageing.

While Chopra’s intentions are noble, some readers may find themselves struggling to grasp concepts in Quantum Body. He aims to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and ancient wisdom traditions.

* Quantum Body - The New Science Of Living A Longer, Healthier, More Vital Life by Deepak Chopra, Jack Tuszynski and Brian Fertig can be obtained by and Exclusive Books.

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