Matrics with 9 distinctions in 2022 offer advice to 2024 Grade 12s

Umar Kharwa, who is now a University of Cape Town student, will headed back to UCT as a second year student. Picture: Supplied

Umar Kharwa, who is now a University of Cape Town student, will headed back to UCT as a second year student. Picture: Supplied

Published Jan 19, 2024


Durban — This week schools opened and the matric class of 2024 began their last year of high school.

Next year this bunch of pupils will be preparing to map out their futures where some will be heading to university while others opt to take a gap year.

Two former Westville Boys’ High School pupils who matriculated in 2022 with nine distinctions each have advised the class of 2024 to make the most of their last year in high school, not only academically but also socially.

Umar Kharwa, who is now a University of Cape Town student doing a BSc in computer science and maths, advised the class of 2024 to work hard.

“Start preparing for exams early, don’t leave it for the last minute. It is your last year in school so don’t make it all about working, give yourself a break. To the class of 2023, work hard, don’t waste your time but don’t forget to enjoy it.”

Kharwa said while the course he was studying was difficult he was enjoying it thoroughly.

“They didn’t lie when they said university is not like high school but I am enjoying university more than school. Having to stay away from home for the first time was a bit of an adjustment but the independence does feel good. I am staying at a private student accommodation and it is enjoyable meeting people from other campuses too, not just my faculty.”

He said after graduation he wanted to pursue a career in data science or systems analysis.

“I am studying towards a global and universal degree which does not limit you to a country. I will be looking for a career that will allow me to work abroad.”

Former Westville Boys High School pupil Troye Swan who passed with 9 distinctions in 2022 took a gap year to pursue his passion in ministry. Supplied.

Troye Swan is enrolled to start studying electronic engineering at Stellenbosch University this year. He took a gap year to do an apprenticeship at his church, Christ Church in uMhlanga.

“I took the apprenticeship to gain experience in serving further. I became a Christian at 12 years old and understanding how Jesus spent his life serving us I wanted to do the same I took a gap year to do that.”

He said the apprenticeship’s highlights were witnessing the growth and maturity of the people he was working with.

“It’s wonderful to work with young people because there’s just so much energy all the time. We did a lot of activities, including socials, and it was such a pleasure working with high schoolers. I enjoyed seeing how they grew up and matured over the time I worked with them.”

He said after getting his qualification he aspired to work for a car company or in telecommunications or navigation.

“To the Grade 12s of 2024, matric is shorter than you think it is – it’s a very short year. It’s a great year. You will be used to it because Grade 11 is similar, enjoy the matric school year, and work hard for final exams.”

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