Netizens fume over water shortages

A Chatsworth resident wrote on the Facebook platform that they have been without water for more than a week. Picture: David Ritchie

A Chatsworth resident wrote on the Facebook platform that they have been without water for more than a week. Picture: David Ritchie

Published Mar 26, 2024



Durban — EThekwini residents have taken to social media to raise concerns over water supply issues, which they describe as unbearable.

They made pleas for eThekwini Municipality’s intervention.

A Chatsworth resident, Sharon Jonathan, wrote on Facebook that they have been without water for more than a week.

“It’s 8 days without convenient running tap water … been promised water in the taps by a Councillor following Durban water works and eThekwini advise and we still have no water!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how difficult life has become in this part of Durbs.”

She said the municipality was letting people down daily due to a lack of water. She felt she was not fulfilling her promise to provide her two babies with a comfortable life as it seemed like they “resided in a squatter settlement”.

“You know how difficult it is to carry 10kg buckets of water to flush, to bath, carrying 5l bottles to decant!!! Carting laundry elsewhere to have it washed! And the works.

“I am so grateful we have a pool so we have water to flush and bath,” said Jonathan.

“But this does not alleviate the hardship and suffering we have to endure while still paying an almost R7 000 per month bill for facilities and services we don’t receive. Not forgetting the physiotherapy bills for cervical and lumbar spondylosis ... Basically, the body can’t make it! It’s the pits!!!

“It’s disgusting!!! And so challenging!!! We continue to pray for drastic change. That the Lord will hear our cries for help and get rid of those who are not meant to be in power!!!”

The City responded that it was aware of prolonged water supply issues affecting Mpola and surrounding areas.

“This is due to a suspected blockage of restriction on the inlet trunk main (pipeline) that supplies the Tshelimnyama M1 Reservoir,” the City stated.

Other Facebook users commented.

Jaydene Govender said: “This water story has now become a normal situation. We forever don’t have water. The system is failing us.”

Raz Rudy Naidoo said: “When will water be restored properly in Phoenix, Verulam? One day water, the next three days our taps are dry, then when ppl protest peacefully they get tear-gassed and hit with rubber bullets.”

Amaidas Neeta said: “Thank you for repairing the pipes eThekwini ... we got our water this afternoon in Westville.”

Anny Nxumalo said: “ It’s amazing how certain areas get fixed promptly ... Yet other areas are still suffering.”

Verulam Water Crisis Committee spokesperson, Roshan Lil-Ruthan, said they are “deeply concerned and utterly dismayed” at recent comments made by the Minister of Water Affairs and Sanitation, for downplaying the severity of South Africa’s water crisis.

Lil-Ruthan said, “While the minister proudly boasts about the dams being full, conveniently ignoring the reality faced by countless vulnerable communities, he admits that the lack of water supply to these communities is a result of municipal negligence and the failure to maintain infrastructure.

“This blatant admission exposes the minister’s complicity and complete disregard for the well-being of those who suffer from the devastating effects of this man-made disaster.”

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