Patriotic Alliance appoints Steve Motale as spokesperson

Steve Motale has been appointed as Patriotic Alliance spokesperson. Photo archives.

Steve Motale has been appointed as Patriotic Alliance spokesperson. Photo archives.

Published Mar 21, 2023


Durban — The Patriotic Alliance has appointed Steve Motale as its head of communications and national spokesperson.

Motale, who was Lindiwe Sisulu’s spokesperson while she was a Tourism Minister, confirmed to the Daily News on Tuesday that he has left the government and was now the spokesperson for the PA.

“As the ministerial support staff, if she seized to be a minister for whatever reasons, our contract automatically ends too,” said Motale.

The announcement was made by PA leader Gayton McKenzie at the party’s policy conference in Port Elizabeth at the weekend.

The event was attended by thousands of PA members from across the country. Making the announcement, McKenzie said Motale was a seasoned communicator who has edited several leading national newspapers in the country, among others, The Sunday Independent, The Citizen and Pretoria News.

“He is an excellent communicator from whose experience our party will benefit immensely. We need the experience and skills of a seasoned communicator like Steve,” McKenzie said.

In his response, Motale, who was also co-opted into the PA’s national executive committee (NEC), thanked McKenzie, the leadership of the PA, and party members for showing confidence in him. He said he was very proud to be associated with the fastest-growing party in the country and was confident he would add much-need value to the PA brand.

Motale added that he was aware of the difficult challenge that lay ahead since the crisis engulfing the country has led to millions of South Africans losing trust in politicians.

Furthermore, he said he was of the firm belief that the leadership of the Patriotic Alliance was a different breed of politicians and community activists who have proven through deeds and not just words that selfless service to our communities is possible.

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