WATCH: Burna Boy shows off custom chain worth R19 million, shares how J. Cole described him as an 'African Tupac'

Burna Boy. Picture: Instagram

Burna Boy. Picture: Instagram

Published Sep 1, 2023


In the midst of his global success, Burna Boy has been levelling up.

Earlier in the week, A Jewellers shared a 10-minute video in which they documented the entire process of unveiling the Grammy Award winner’s statement jewellery piece.

The piece, which includes a diamond-encrusted pendant that reads ODG, which is short for Odogwu, his nickname, and an Odogwu chain, is worth one million dollars (roughly R19 million).

“This piece is for a very special person,” said the jeweller responsible for the piece at the beginning of the video.

“A worldwide international superstar, a good friend of mine. We became friends through business and now he’s been a client of mine for a long time.”

He added that while Burna has bought a lot of jewellery from him, with this particular piece they pushed the envelope and created something unique. “We’ve taken things to a whole other level, you’re not gonna find a piece like this.”

He went on to share the details of the chain and all the elements that he incorporated into it to make it extra special, including notably using 100 GIA diamonds.

Upon receding the chain, Burna exclaimed in awe, “What? I get it now.”

He later added, “This was a million dollars well spent”. He also received a diamond-encrusted watch and a “chandelier” ring.

In an interview while wearing the new chain alongside B Dot and Elliot Wilson for Rap Radar, Burna explained the story behind his recent collaboration with J. Cole on ‘Thanks’, a single on his new album, ‘I Told Them…’

“I don’t really know the dynamics behind how everything happened, but somehow I end up in the studio with J. Cole and a bunch of basketball players tall as hell.” He added that before they started working on music they were just discussing “real stuff about life”.

“And then before we start (recording), he just goes, ‘Bro, this n**** is Tupac’. And then I look around to see who he’s talking about and it’s me who he’s talking about and he’s like, ‘Yeah this n**** is Tupac reincarnated in Africa’”.