CemAir vs Shamiso Mosaka: What does the law say about airlines throwing passengers out

TV presenter and YouTube creator Shamiso Mosaka. Picture: alwaysagoodtimeza

TV presenter and YouTube creator Shamiso Mosaka. Picture: alwaysagoodtimeza

Published Mar 18, 2024


TV presenter Shamiso Mosaka was thrown out of a Fly CemAir plane in Durban by South African Police Service (SAPS) for allegedly being disruptive before take-off.

Mosaka went live on social media and put the incident in the spotlight about the alleged discrimination that led her to being thrown out.

While Mosaka and her witnesses stood firm that she was not disruptive on flight 5Z 0329, police were called into the situation.

According to the South African Civil Aviation Authority, on board an aircraft it is a crime to assault or threaten, whether physically or verbally, or behave in a violent manner towards any person (including a crew member), if it is likely to endanger the safety or security of an aircraft or anyone on board.

Interfering with any member of the crew in the performance of his or her duties is also a crime to, as well as committing any nuisance, or disorderly or indecent act.

In the clip widely circulated on social media, police are seen trying to escort the MTV Base presenter off the plane as she defends herself, arguing that she was not being disruptive and accused the air hostess of being racist.

“I was not once vulgar, or inappropriate, or disruptive or disrespectful to anyone on the plane,” she told police, urging them to also ask fellow passengers on the flight if she was disruptive in any way.

Mosaka was adamant that she would not be getting off the flight unless she was booked on another flight.

The entire incident has created quite the conversation on social media, with other fellow travellers also sharing their past experiences with the airline, and the reviews are not good.

Muzi S, wrote on popular consumer complaints site, HelloPeter that the whole incident caused them to miss their connecting flight and received no help from the airline who told them it’s not their fault.

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