Nonhle Thema opens up to MacG about the power of manifestation

Nonhle Thema. Picture: Facebook

Nonhle Thema. Picture: Facebook

Published Apr 20, 2024


Former actress and media personality Nonhle Thema this week opened up about her believes in the power of manifesting and how it has helped shape her reality.

The ex-TV star who fell from grace when she was fired when she hada thriving media career, said she was now in her journey to become a pastor.

Thema was featured in the renowned podcast with renowned MacG and Sol Phenduka after they called her to question why she was charging R2,000 for a manifestation classes, imparting her knowledge.

She said manifesting has played a huge role in her life journey.

From a young age, Thema claims that she has been practising manifestation as a technique for her dreams to become a reality.

“I manifested one day, travelling to the US when I was just 13” said Thema.

At that time, for Thema it was just a dream. Looking back now, after travelling the world with Vuzu and others, she realises that manifesting is an ability within everyone to create and believe in something that they really want to become.

Manifestation, to Thema, is also a deep connection and partnership with God and the universe, enabling her to tap into her inner strength and creativity.

”It’s called being a co-creator with the universe and God,” adds Thema.

Moreover, throughout her experience, Thema has recognized the importance of overcoming self-doubt and the fear of the unknown, which she refers to as the "spirit of Mammon."

“Fear actually exhilarates your manifestation...” said Thema.

By breaking free from this fear mentality, Thema claims that individuals can embrace their potential and manifest their dreams into reality.

Considering her expertise and success, Thema now aims to share her knowledge with others through seminars focusing on manifestation that will be held in May 25.

She believes that passing her skills to people will be beneficial for them.

“I’m imparting this mantle and it’s called an impartation of the skills, and it will change another person’s life,” Thema said.

Registration for her classes starts at R2,000.