Penny Ntuli grateful to Jozi FM for turning a set back into a step forward in her radio career

Penny Ntuli

Penny Ntuli

Published Apr 3, 2024


Penny Ntuli’s first day at Jozi FM was an emotional roller-coaster, filled with feelings of gratitude for the opportunity to restart her radio career in Joburg just days after leaving Gagasi FM under a cloud.

The media personality started at her new job at Jozi FM on Tuesday, where she is the host of the 9am to midday show. Ntuli turned down an offer of about R711 per show for a once a week show between 1am and 4am Sundays on Gagasi FM.

The social media star, who has a following in excess of one million followers on Facebook, had tried to negotiate for a higher salary than the the R2,800 on offer, but to no avail.

Speaking to IOL on Tuesday after her first show with the Soweto-based community radio station, Ntuli said even though she did not want to leave the Durban radio station, everything happens for a reason.

She said the new job at Jozi FM marks an important step forward in her career.

“One door has to close for this door to open,” she said.

Even though Ntuli is in a new environment, in a new city and away from her two children, parents and siblings, she was upbeat and excited about getting an opportunity to be on radio Monday to Friday.

She told IOL that she was regarding her new role as a blessing and was thankful for the support she is receiving from the public.

She said her goal was to make her mother proud, as well as her siblings and her kids, who she said relied on her for their upkeep.