Social media reacts as LaConco shares a rare glimpse of her personal life



Published May 22, 2024


Reality TV star and media personality Nonkanyiso "LaConco" Conco, recently made headlines by sharing details of her love journey with former South African President Jacob Zuma on Instagram.

LaConco, who was engaged to Zuma, took her followers on a trip down memory lane, recounting the intimate moments and experiences she shared with the former president.

As news of LaConco's Instagram stories spread, social media users wasted no time sharing their thoughts and reactions..

X user @JohnsonAwalle admired LaConco for sharing her ups and downs that led to owning a business and becoming the reality star she is today.

“Love how vulnerable Laconco is on her insta stories about her journey. From her mom raising her in the South of Joburg, meeting the father of her son Jacob Zuma,getting engaged, relocating back to Joburg, being broke, starting her own business to the reality star she is today”

Another X user @KholofeloMilli2 said “I hope other girls will learn from this she really chose herself instead of waiting for her baby daddy all because of money”

@seshegoboxego on X claimed that the reality TV star was not smart for dating a 70 year old man at a young age.

“People are saying laconco is smart, telling us her story before we hear it from someone else, but no one smart is dating a 70 year old in their 20s and ending up broke”

@sir_ftcg tweet that LaConco is working against MK party for revealing all of this now.

“LaConco is clearly working against MKP. Why now??”

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