WATCH: Phat Joe sets the record straight on his eviction saga



Published May 9, 2024


Phat Joe has denied claims that he was evicted from his R40,000 per month luxury apartment in Cape Town.

In an interview on ‘Podcast and Chill“ with Mac G and Sol Phenduka, TV and radio personality Majota Khambule - popularly known as Phat Joe - dismissed reports that he was evicted from his luxury Cape Town apartment after failing to pay R40,000 monthly rent over a period of time.

“I did not get evicted. What we did was in March we were beating them in court. They decided they’d asked us for a settlement, and we agreed to a settlement.”

According to Joe, he is still living in his apartment and that he will be vacating the place by the end of May or beginning of June which has been agreed to between himself and his landlord.

He also added that in the three years of living in the apartment, there were never any issues between him and his landlord, until last year when his landlord allegedly tried to extort money from him.

He alleged the dispute got so serious that men stormed into his house. This has not been independently verified.

Phat Joe also conceded that the landlord did send the sheriff of the court to his house and that they took some of his belongings and that the landlord did have some of his possessions with them.

The shock jock tried to assure fans that he was not homeless and that he was definitely fine.

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