Celebrate female authors in Women’s Month

Celebrate female authors in Women’s Month

Celebrate female authors in Women’s Month

Published Aug 15, 2023


When searching for something to read in honour of Women’s Month, the options are seemingly endless.

Loot has put together a roundup of books that capture the female experience across genres, time periods, and subject matter.

Prison Child - The Story Of Vanessa Goosen's Daughter by Felicia Goosen, Deonette de Kock

Felicia Goosen is born to Vanessa Goosen while she is incarcerated in Lard Yao Prison for smuggling drugs out of Thailand. Felicia is sent back to South Africa when she turns three, where she is lovingly raised by her mom's best friend.

Felicia, however, is feeling hopeless and is unsure of how to express her emotions. This is followed by years of defiance and self-harm.

Felicia's life changes during her college years, and she starts to help others who have been hurt by reaching out to them with a message of hope.

My Year Of Not Getting Sh*tfaced - How I Tried And Failed To Give Up Alcohol And Learned The Joys Of Moderation by Pamela Power

Pamela Power, a scriptwriter and author from Johannesburg, is forced to take a close look at her drinking habits after having a particularly wild Mother's Day during which she danced like there was no tomorrow, picked a fight with a stranger, and fell to the ground.

Although she does not immediately need to join an AA group, she recognizes that she may be a serial binge drinker and that she needs to regain control.

Pamela examines her long-standing, complicated relationship with alcohol in this open-and-funny account of her year without getting sh*tfaced. The extent of how much of a crutch alcohol has been for her astounded her.

She always has a bottle of wine or Prosecco nearby to help her deal with the many demands of her life as a parent and a freelancer.

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Pamela begins her sobriety journey as her family is experiencing financial difficulties and life in the Johannesburg suburb of Parks is no longer as idyllic as it once was.

She allows us to share in all the annoyance, irritation, and pleasantly unexpected advantages of quitting drinking. Pamela faces her troubled relationship with her parents as she struggles with her alcoholism.

Pamela has discovered a happy medium between complete abstinence and binge drinking: moderation. While many other sober curious books present sobriety as the only solution.

Sabrina September Is A Liar by Nikki Lincoln

A heartfelt tale of a second chance romance that explores the power of love, friendship, and forgiveness.

Sometimes the most imperfect moment is when perfect love finds you. At least, that is what she had been convincing herself for nine years, eight months, and six days.

But Sabrina September is a serial liar when it comes to her true feelings. The timing of their love was perfect, but when it came to matters of the heart, fear was a destructive force.

She arrived in Japan ten years ago, broken and in need of help finding her way back to herself. However, she discovered Max Harris in the midst of the wonder of summer in a new city, vending machine curry, and new best friends.

She found the only place in the entire world where she felt secure enough to tell the truth in his arms. But before it could even begin, real and terrifying obstacles ruined their happy ending.

Now, ten years later, Sabrina moves to North Carolina after taking a huge leap of faith. Her family would tell you that she was there to finish her P.H.D., however, if you asked her heart, she was there to win him back.

In a world where summer is for falling in love and fall is for fighting to win it back, come along with Sabrina and Max.

Nikki Lincoln, a romance author, weaves loss, love, and the pain of past mistakes into a story that is told over two timelines, split between then and now.

Sabrina September Is A Liar is a full-length contemporary romance that features profanity, explicit scenes, and a happily ever after that is guaranteed. The mature content in this book might not be appropriate for all readers.

Betrayal by Lesley Pearse

Don Hathaway was the wrong choice for Eve to marry. He did give her two lovely children, Olly and Tabitha, but he is also a bully.

He harms her, which is worse. But after one too many fits of drunkenness, she musters the courage to leave him.

Eve is cautioned that it will be a challenging path, but she must instill hope in her children for the future.

However, Don is resentful. And it is impossible to completely escape him. Despite Eve's best efforts, everything that she tries to teach him before the inevitable day goes horribly wrong.

Although Eve adores her kids, she is now carrying a terrible burden that she dares not discuss. Has she compromised the futures of her and her kids?

Betrayal is Lesley Pearse's brilliant new pageturner.

The Cassandra Complex by Holly Smale

Cassandra Penelope Dankworth is a creature of routine.

She strongly dislikes what she does not like (mess, change, and her boss drinking out of her mug), and she enjoys the things she enjoys (musuems, jumpsuits, and her boyfriend Will). Her life follows an orderly, pleasant pattern. Until now.

She was recently dumped. She recently lost her job. Her local café has run out of banana muffins. Then, something incredibly unexpected occurs: Cassie learns she can go back in time and alter the past.

Cassie now has the opportunity to restore the life she unintentionally destroyed. Moreover, with time on her side, how difficult can it be...?

The eagerly awaited adult novel from Geek Girl author Holly Smale, whose books have sold millions of copies.

Chosen from across genres, these books belong on your bookshelf.