Welcome to our festive wonderland of words!

Published Nov 17, 2023


This holiday season, give the gift of imagination, knowledge, and joy with Loot’s collection of books.

Explore the magic of storytelling and escape into a different world.

Whether you're shopping for a literary enthusiast, a curious mind, or a young reader, Loot is brimming with literary treasures that make for perfect Christmas gifts.

From heartwarming classics to thrilling adventures, we have something for everyone on your list.

The Exchange by John Grisham

In "The Exchange," the gripping sequel to "The Firm," we catch up with Mitch and Abby McDeere after their exposure of crimes at the Memphis law firm.

Now, fifteen years later, Mitch, having escaped the mob with $10 million, rises to the top of the world's largest law firm.

However, a perilous case in Libya draws him into a high-stakes hostage negotiation. Facing a demand of $100 million within 10 days, Mitch grapples with personal vendettas and the safety of loved ones, including his wife in New York.

As the clock ticks down, he must outwit his enemies with nowhere to hide. Will Mitch prevail, or will the past catch up with him?

Iron Flame - The Empyrean: Book 2 by Rebecca Yarros

In this thrilling sequel to the Sunday Times bestseller and global phenomenon, "Fourth Wing," Violet Sorrengail defied expectations by surviving her first year at Basgiath War College.

Yet, the real challenges are just beginning. Beyond the gruelling tests and brutal training lies a new vice commandant determined to demonstrate Violet's powerlessness, pushing her to betray the man she loves.

With a weaker body but a sharp mind and iron will, Violet learns that true leadership comes from forging one's own path.However, this year, sheer determination may not be sufficient.

As Violet unravels a centuries-old secret at Basgiath War College, she realizes that even dragon fire might not be enough to save them in the end.

The South African Air Fryer Cookbook 2 by Louisa Holst

Elevate your culinary experience with delightful twists on classic South African dishes for breakfast, lunch, supper, or any special occasion.

Louisa, attuned to the air-fryer market, brings local flavours to the forefront with mouthwatering recipes like springbokkie cheesecake, brandy-and-coke chicken wings, snoek and apricot filo samosas, and a kid-friendly fish-finger Gatsby.

Explore the versatility of the air fryer with dishes such as chicken peri-peri pie, air-fryer gammon, roast lamb, buttermilk rusks, pavlova, and mini fruit cakes. Impress your loved ones with a culinary journey through South African flavours!

The 169-Storey Treehouse - Monkeys, Mirrors, Mayhem by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton

Get ready for endless laughs in The 169-Storey Treehouse, the latest addition to the best-selling Treehouse series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

Andy and Terry have expanded their treehouse to new heights with thirteen extra levels, featuring incredible additions like an electric pony stable, Santa Land, a NOISY level, kangaroo-riding range, a customizable weather dome, a 100% edible gingerbread house, and a potato-powered translation transmitter for global communication.

Inside, there's a hall of funhouse mirrors, perfect for hiding from the relentless Mr Bunkoff, who's determined to send Andy, Terry, and Jill to school. However, their trouble-making opposites, Anti-Andy, Terrible Terry, and Junkyard Jill, are stuck in one of the mirrors and desperate to escape. Meanwhile, Mr Big Nose urges them to finish their book immediately.

Can our heroes evade school, face off against their counterparts, and meet their book deadline? Don't wait—join the adventure now!

Leo by Deon Meyer

'n Student se dood in die berg by Stellenbosch lyk verdag. 'n Oud-recce vermoor as 'n boodskap aan iemand: Hou julle bekke.

'n Korrupte politikus se lyk in die sandkuil van Arabella se sestiende putjie. Met 'n onontsyferbare kode daarby. 'n Mooi veldgids, gewerf as 'n heuningwip vir die grootste dollar-rooftog in die land se geskiedenis. En staatskapers wat elkeen van die ondersoeke saboteer.

Jy't 'n koel kop nodig om dit alles te ontrafel, om die enorme druk te kan hanteer. Jy moet kalm en gefokus en nugter wees. Maar Bennie Griessel se kop is nie koel nie. Hy's bedruk. Bekommerd. Bevrees. Want op 12 Junie moet hy trou, 'n datum wat op hom afkom soos 'n sneltrein. En hy's glad nie reg vir dié ding nie. Dis 'n resep vir 'n ramp.

Griessel en Cupido is terug. Hier kom moeilikheid, GROOT moeilikheid.

So go on, embrace the spirit of giving with books that unwrap worlds of excitement and discovery this Christmas.

Happy browsing and happy holidays!