Actor Dillon Windvogel a rising star on South Africa's screen scene

Actor Dillon Windvogel. Picture: X/@Shockng

Actor Dillon Windvogel. Picture: X/@Shockng

Published Mar 19, 2024


Cape Town-born actor Dillon Windvogel has made a name for himself as one of the rising actors in South Africa.

He has acted in shows such as kykNET & kie soapie ‘Arendsvlei’ 'B, hai's Cafe' and 'Riding with Sugar'.

But it is his role in the Netflix series 'Blood and Water' was what put Windvogel on the map.

His character as Wade in ‘Blood and Water’ put him in the Mzansi spotlight and his role as Shane in ‘Spinners’ showed audiences his acting range.

“A lot has changed for me since my first screen role,” the actor tells IOL Entertainment.

“I’ve grown emotionally and physically, which has allowed me to delve deeper into the mind of the characters I’ve been blessed to play. I’ve been able to handle it with a more mature truth,” he says about his growth over the years.

Coming from a theatre background and going into TV, Windvogel has learnt about the skill of telling the story with your eyes. “It has allowed me to breathe through more subtle scenes and not force myself to make a fiasco out of it.

Season four of 'Blood and Water' made its debut on March 1, 2024, much to the delight of Parkhurst High fans.

Series may come and go and there is plenty of content for viewers to consume, but ‘Blood and Water’ has managed to stay captivating audiences.

Windvogel admits he didn’t think that series would achieve all the success that it boasts locally and internationally, and all he could think about was the nerves.

“The nerves had completely gotten in the way whilst shooting and being the second African Original Netflix Series didn’t make it easier either.

“All of these things combined with the hope to tell the story as truthfully as possible, just added to the nerves. I hoped that people enjoyed the series.

“It’s so heart warming to see that they do and I am so grateful to everyone that’s been on this wild ride with us. A huge thanks to the audience/viewers it’s because of them that we get to keep on sharing this story,” said the actor.

Dillon Windvogel plays Wade Daniels in Netflix's young adult drama, ‘Blood & Water’ Picture: Netflix

Windvogel has enjoyed portraying his character, saying: “ He is a ball of light and that’s what he has been for me.”

A lot of moments, whilst portraying Wade, have helped Windvogel grow as an actor and some took him completely out of my shell.

“From Season one, all the way to Season four, Wade has constantly been put in situations that not only pushes him but me as well.

“From stunts to comedic moments, to “iconic lines” or reactions from Wade. All of it has been completely different, allowing me to grow within Wade and experience these new things with him.”

With his character Shane on ‘Spinners’, the actor got to tap into a “rougher character”, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

“I thoroughly enjoyed playing a rougher character. I enjoyed his serious, yet witty sense of humour. His heart and commitment to his friends and family. And the fact that he had a dog! I love dogs! It was so lovely to have a dog on set.”

A lover of dogs, Windvogel in his spare time is playing with his best friend Skai, playing board games, watching anime, or doing karate - which he has been training for about 16 years in.

When Windvogel is not on a film set, he is also quite the creator on YouTube and TikTok, which has allowed him to be weird and his funny self with his viewers. “Consistency has been super helpful with the steady growth in this industry.

“Being as raw as possible has been beneficial as well. Showing the real you,cause that’s what people want to follow.”

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