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Monday, July 4, 2022

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Freddie Flintoff is fearless in new ‘Top Gear’ season

‘Top Gear’ season 32 airs on BBC Brit tomorrow. Picture: Supplied.

‘Top Gear’ season 32 airs on BBC Brit tomorrow. Picture: Supplied.

Published Jun 22, 2022


The “Top Gear” trio are back on our screens with an exhilarating new season, packed with new adventures and daring stunts.

Leading the pack of the daredevils is Freddie Flintoff, with co-hosts Chris Harris and Paddy McGuinness rooting in the front row.

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“Top Gear” season 32 will air on BBC Brit, DStv channel 120, from June 23, at 8pm.

“This series has been so much fun. The producers are tailoring stuff for us more, which is disconcerting given some of the stuff they're asking me to do!

“I've done some risky things before, like bungee jumping off a dam in a car and the Wall of Death, but this year they've been upping the stakes,” said Flintoff about the new season.

One of the most daring stunts put forward to Flintoff this season is trying to break a bobsleighing record using one of Britain’s late greatest inventors, Sir Clive Sinclair, all-electric, eco-friendly C5 on an Olympic bobsleigh run. Despite the danger, Flintoff put on his brave face and attempted it more than 20 times before the final take.

“When they said I was going to be bobsledding in a Sinclair C5, I was a little bit blasé about it at first, but I realised very quickly that there is a lot more skill to driving a bobsleigh. I was thrown in at the deep end.

“During training, I turned it over and was travelling on my head at one point. But somehow I managed to flip it over and get back on the rails. But the C5 was a different animal,” he said.

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Now that the guys have spent close to four years together, their on screen chemistry has most certainly improved. Speaking on that, Flintoff said: “There are things we all do differently and better than the others, but we appreciate each other and play to each other's strengths.”

“People look into our chemistry too much – for me it's quite simple. The other two are just good lads, and that transfers to the screen. You don’t have to try too hard to find that chemistry.

“It just comes naturally. I've had that in a dressing room. If you get some good lads together, you do well. That's essentially what we have on ‘Top Gear’.”

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On working on “Top Gear”, he said he loves that he’s given opportunities to do things he never thought he would do.

“Watching the footage back, it looks incredible. The cameramen are geniuses. It's crazy. The places we go, the cars we drive and the people we meet are amazing.

“The producers will come up with an idea that is completely bonkers. A part of you thinks, ‘That's stupid!’ But then another part of you thinks, ‘Why wouldn't I do that? What an opportunity!,” said Flintoff.

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“Top Gear” season 32 airs on June 23 on BBC Brit at 8pm.

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