Yoh, the ‘Scandal’ as Dintle Nyathi discovers she just married her father

Dintle and Reggie in Scandal!. Picture: Instagram

Dintle and Reggie in Scandal!. Picture: Instagram

Published Jan 27, 2023


Will Dintle Nyathi ever catch a break? This is the burning question on everyone’s lips after Dintle (Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong) unknowingly married the father she never knew on e.tv’s soapie Scandal!

After a series of bad relationships, Dintle finally found her soul mate in good-looking, mature rich guy, Reggie Pheko (Makhaola Ndebele), who happens to be her daughter Khanyi’s art teacher.

Dintle has never had it easy. After losing the love of her life, Quinton Nyathi, to a freak accident, Dintle was reunited with her long-lost daughter Motshabi. And when she least expected it, love came her way as well.

But Reggie’s son Karabo was never going to let “gold digger” Dintle mess with his inheritance. He went out of his way to protect his father’s wealth.

After an incident with Motshabi, Karabo changed his mind about Dintle and decided to give the couple his blessing.

But the unexpected happened when Dintle’s absent mother Salamina decided to honour her sister’s invitation to attend her daughter’s wedding.

Salamnina was shocked when she realised Dintle had just gotten married to someone from her past - her daughter’s father.

Fans of the show are shattered over Dintle’s fairytale being so short-lived.

Below are some of the reactions.

@NontokozoMashel wrote: “So Reginald is Dintle's dad😭. Karabo is her younger brother, not step son? And karabo is Motshabi's uncle. Yifilm #etvScandal #Dintle.”

@LesegoSehume tweeted: “Karabo and Dintle are brothers ? 😭😭😭 #etvScandal.”

@loratomakatong commented: “I loved the Dintle and Reggie storyline. How they portrayed the love story, from how it started, the heartbreaks and drama to the happily ever after. I was never ready for the PLOT TWIST #etvScandal.”

@_FentseM said: “Reginald Pheko being Dintles father is the most vile thing they've done to Dintle, give the girl a break ffs 😭 #etvScandal.”

@LungeloDube13 added: “I'm just traumatized by what happened to Dintle 💔.

“If you're raised by a single parent and don't know the other side of your family, there's also a possibility of dating your sibling without you knowing 🥴💀. This is all just a disaster 😭 #etvScandal.”

Distraught, Dintle is demanding a DNA test to confirm Salamina’s allegations.

The shattering revelation is set to take place on Thursday, February 2.

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