iKasi’s rural youth take centre stage at FAME Africa Week 2022

iKasi Media’s Sandy Wilschut. Picture:Supplied

iKasi Media’s Sandy Wilschut. Picture:Supplied

Published Aug 19, 2022


An all-female-led company iKasi Creative Media has joined forces with FAME (Film, Arts, Music, Entertainment) Africa Week 2022.

Set to take place in Cape Town from August 24 – 26 at the CTICC, FAME Week Africa is expected to transform three days of peer engagement and networking into lasting business.

In conversation with IOL Entertainment, Lamise Inglis, iKasi Media’s managing director, said the partnership will enable the company to continue its work of “uplifting small town and rural youth in creative ways”.

“We are very excited about this joint venture,” Inglis said.

“An ex-colleague of mine reached out to me on social media … this was before FAME Week was even announced, and she said, ‘Lamise, there’s this big event coming up. I think you guys need to exhibit there.’

“And then we booked the stand and that’s how the conversation started. And we’re just absolutely blown away by the opportunity.”

The iKasi team is looking forward to exploring the possibilities with FAME Week Africa attendees to reach more young creatives.

“iKasi is proud to represent creative youth from rural communities at FAME Week Africa.

“This global platform gives us the opportunity to motivate for more support and long-term commitment from industry to reduce unemployment and to bring much-needed access to our youth to participate in a growing creative economy”, said Lika Berning, the founding director of iKasi Media.

During FAME Week Africa, guests will be able to meet with the iKasi Creative Media team, students and alumni and learn more about the work they do and how you can get involved.

Under the slot iKasi shots, the iKasi alumni and students will showcase some of their works.

“We will also be screening three new films; a comedy ‘Lost in Translation’, a documentary ‘A New Chapter and a drama ‘Ma se Kind’, which is a beautiful story about a boy whose mother is on a death bed, which was filmed in Knysna by one of our students.”

Inglis said the company has been focusing on getting the work done and now is the time to network with industry players.

“This is a momentous occasion for us, to engage with companies and obviously being a non-profit organisation, we’d like them to come on board with our programmes, either learner or sponsor programme.

“And we feel we’ve got so much to offer because productions, go through these beautiful towns and they stay there for a couple of days to shoot landscapes and then they leave, you know … So we feel like the industry has a responsibility to give back to the youth of those towns.

“And this could be a way of uplifting the very towns that they go and shoot these beautiful sceneries.”

For more info on FAME Week Africa 2022, visit: https://www.fameweekafrica.com/