ICYMI: Mom responds to 10-year-old daughter’s extravagant Christmas wish list: ‘She thinks I’m rich’

Mom reads through long gift list. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Mom reads through long gift list. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published Dec 23, 2023


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Stepping into any mall right now, you’ll see that the Christmas trees are up and lights twinkling everywhere.

If you’re a parent, you’ll know that taking a kid to a mall these days can be a disaster because all their eyes can see are all the potential gifts on display and all you hear is “Can I have this for Christmas?”

While most kids want toys, this little girl’s Christmas wish list didn’t have a single toy on it.

A TikTok video of a mom reading out her 10-year-old’s Christmas wish list has gone viral.

The clip captioned: “Reading my 10 year old daughter’s Christmas list because she thinks I’m rich” has been viewed over 12 million times.

Before mom Keya James starts reading the long list, she already admits that her daughter is bougie.

Right at the top of the long list is an iPhone 15 which her mom immediately said she’s not getting.

She clearly has expensive taste in clothes because, on the extravagant list, she included a pair of Dior sneakers which cost $860 (about R16,200), Ugg slides and what the little one refers to “Jordan’s dunks”.

Besides the pricey clothing items, she’s also requesting gift cards and “a lot of money”.

The gift card request included a Lulumelon gift card to the value of $150, a Sephora gift card, as well as a Starbucks gift card.

Other items on the wish list included a Polaroid camera, a permanent bracelet and a Kendra Scott necklace which usually costs $65.


Reading my 10 year old daughter’s christmas list because she thinks im rich

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Shocked TikTokers couldn’t believe that the little didn’t have a single toy on her list.

“What the hell happened to kids wanting toys,” commented one viewer.

Another asked: “Where are the toys.”

“Not a single toy in sight. What is wrong with this new gen?” questioned another.