WATCH: ‘Because you can’t stop saying bad words’ - mom allows little girl to swear in the bathroom

Little girl is only allowed to say bad words in the bathroom. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Little girl is only allowed to say bad words in the bathroom. Picture: TikTok screenshot

Published Feb 6, 2024


When we were kids, adults always told us that they would put pepper in our mouths if we used swear words.

Other parents try the swear jar method, which, as a parent myself, never works.

While we all know that kids usually pick up bad words from their parents, TV or songs, it’s embarrassing when they drop a swear word when out in public.

This mom seems to have had that problem with her two-year-old daughter and decided to come up with a creative way to avoid such embarrassing situations.

TikToker @sobermama82383 took to the video app to share her way of getting her daughter to get all her swear words off her chest.

In the video that has gone viral with almost 4.9 million views, you see the mom take the little girl into the bathroom saying: “Since you can’t stop saying bad words, this is the new rule.”

She then explains to the little one that she can only say bad words when she’s in the bathroom.

“That’s the only place you can say them,” the mom tells her.

She tells her that she has to get all the bad words out while she’s in there, then closes the door and leaves her daughter alone in the bathroom.

The first words she says softly are “stinkin a**” followed by “sh*t”.

Because she knows she’s being recorded, she turns to the camera and says: “Hi guys… Today we’re saying bad words in here.”

Her mom, who’s standing outside the bathroom repeatedly asks her if she’s saying the bad words.

The two-year-old finally whispers the word f**k as she moves out of camera.

When she eventually gets all her bad words out, she lets her mom know that she said them all.

“From now on, if you feel like you need to say bad words, you just tell me and we come into the bathroom. You don’t say them out there any more,” the mom tells her when she comes back into the bathroom.

@sobermama82383 Had to try this trend to see if it would help! Im aware that toddlers are sponges. We are being extra careful around her now! #fyp ♬ original sound - Sobermama82383

The video was liked by 4.9 million viewers and almost 70k people responded.

The mom's unconventional method received mixed responses.

“Great job mom. Smart in providing a space for her to release… I approve this message,” said one viewer.

Another disapproved, saying: “That’s really mind boggling to allow your child to curse. They know these words from hearing them from their parents. It’s not cute at all!!”

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