WATCH: Gordon Ramsay trolled by Indians for his style of making butter chicken

Butter chicken illustration image: Picture: Pexels

Butter chicken illustration image: Picture: Pexels

Published Feb 22, 2023


Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has never been one to shy away from controversy.

The renowned British chef is well known for his culinary skills and also his straightforward opinions.

Apart from ruthlessly giving a piece of mind to contestants on cooking shows, he is also often seen expressing his displeasure over certain dishes that he rates on social media or the way they are cooked.

In a turn of events, Ramsay found himself on the other side of the table when he recently shared a video of butter chicken on his Instagram account.

The video created a buzz and prompted many to say how the dish shown in the video is anything but butter chicken.

“Tag someone who loves butter chicken curry!

“Learn how it's made on the @gordonramsayacademy evening butter chicken class or half-day Taste of India,” he wrote in the caption.

The video shows the chef boiling rice, then preparing butter chicken by first sautéing onions with garlic and green chillies.

He adds some spice powders and tomato purée and mixes in chicken to cook it.

Ramsay rounds it off with the garnishing of some coriander leaves and serves it with steamed rice.

Since being posted, the clip has received over two million views and the numbers are only increasing.

The post has also received several likes and comments.

One user wrote: “That’s not chicken butter.

“That’s just British food pretending to be chicken butter. Sad.”

A second user wrote: “Butter chicken ‘curry’? Bruh. Really? First off, that's basically not even butter chicken, secondly, not all Indian food is called curry. So disappointing.”

While a third commented: “All Indian ancestors crying.”