‘New form of money laundering?’ Netizens not convinced by ‘guy friend’ spending R93,000 on booze

Published Jan 7, 2024


People were really living their best lives in December.

If this restaurant bill is anything to go by, it seems some were partying up a storm no matter the cost.

A Facebook user took to the app to share a bill of over R93,000 which also revealed that the waiter was tipped over R8,400.

In the caption, @Tamaswati Nqobile Dlamini said that the hefty bill was covered by her “guy friend”.

She added that she only drank two glasses of the Ace champagne listed on the bill.

The bill showed that the “guy friend” spent R84,591 on booze and tipped the waiter R8,459.

The name of the establishment wasn’t revealed on the bill.

The most expensive item on the bill was a bottle of Aces Gold that cost an eye-watering R14,300.

Other items on the exorbitant bill included four bottles of Veuve Rich champagne which cost R14,400, two bottles of Henessy for R17,200 and ten bottles of Veuve Yellow that set him back R35,000.

While those were just a few of the very expensive items, it’s interesting to note that items we usually consider cheap were ridiculously priced.

For instance, a can of Red Bull cost R60, a bottle of still water was R50 and small can of Coke cost R28.

R93,050 bill. Picture: Facebook

Of course, Facebook users had to comment on the ridiculous bill.

One person commented: “Looks to me like a new form of money laundering.”

“Absolutely disgusting!!! Your people are starving and homeless,” said another.

“Look everyone, I'm flexing about drinking expensive liquor” commented one person.

“Jannnneeee that’s all I can. In meantime I Don’t even have money for 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 grocery,” said another.

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