WATCH: Yes, but have you tried grilled ice for girl dinner?

Grilled is a trend in China. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

Grilled is a trend in China. Picture: Pexels Pixabay

Published Dec 6, 2023


We’ve seen some weird and wonderful food-related things pop up on TikTok.

Some of which seem just too bizarre to be true but because it’s captured on film, it nonetheless leaves one wondering if it is in fact true.

From meat to veggies, we all know people love to grill just about everything.

But who would have ever thought about grilling ice?

Yes, ice!

It just doesn’t make sense. Who would want to eat something that’s meant to be cold, hot?

How is it even possible to keep frozen water solid while “cooking” it?

Well if TikTok is anything to go by, it appears to be possible.

A crazy video popped up on my ‘for you page’ and I had to find out more about it.

According to the video posted by @cathychen95, it’s a street food treat that’s trending in China.

The ice cubes are grilled over charcoal and then covered in spices and sauce.

“Since the dish is essentially just ice, it can come in different shapes such as cubes and cones,” says the TikToker.

@cathychen95 #grilledice #fyp #foryou #chinesefood #streetfood ♬ Lalala Phonk - Bgnzinho

“It’s frozen soup,” responded one viewer.

While another commented: “Seriously? A salty snow cone?”

“Me trying to lose weight,” chirped another TikToker.

However, it doesn’t appear to be something new.

A few months ago @radii_media took to Instagram to post a different video of someone grilling ice.

They captioned the video: “Girl dinner, China edition🧊. You’ve heard of stir-fried rocks. Now how about grilled ice cubes? This viral video from China shows how they season ice cubes like meat and ‘grill' them using a hot pan. The result? Tasty, umami-filled water droplets. Would you be down to crunch on some warm seasoned ice?”

One viewer responded: “Chinese urban food trends will do anything, except provide calories.”

“They should sell this in front of a gym,” said another.

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