Tweeps ‘grossed out’ by Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski’s kissing

Harry Styles. Picture: Mike Blake Reuters

Harry Styles. Picture: Mike Blake Reuters

Published Mar 28, 2023


Harry Styles might be considered one of the hottest guys in the world right now, but he doesn’t seem to be a very good kisser.

A video of the “As It Was” singer kissing model Emily Ratajkowski in Tokyo went viral over the weekend.

Emily Ratajkowski. Picture: Stephane Mahe Reuters

The couple are seen smooching while leaning against a parked car. They clearly have no problem with public displays of affection because they really carried on like no one was around.

While some diehard Styles fans were left crushed that their heart-throb was making out with another girl, others were more intrigued by his style of kissing.

Many compared the British singer’s kissing style to that of a teenager who doesn’t know how to kiss or that it simply looked gross.

One user tweeted: “The Kissing video between Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski is one of the grossed kissing I've ever seen.”

Another commenting on the pictures said: “this look so awkward.”

Another Tweep found it just as gross, saying: “for two extremely hot people, this is the grossest kiss ive ever seen in my life.”

— Brook Schnablé (@brookscheebly) March 26, 2023

This twitter user compared the couple to teens, saying: “Trying to decipher if this is Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski kissing in Tokyo or a 14 year old getting their first shift at the disco before the lights get turned back on.”

Another simply tweeted a meme of a just-married couple awkwardly kissing each other.