Craig David claims his vow of celibacy has lasted two years

Craig David. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Craig David. Picture: Bang Showbiz

Published May 6, 2024


Craig David claims that he has been celibate for two years.

The 42-year-old “7 Days” singer – famed for boasting about “making love by Wednesday, and then on Thursday, and Friday and Saturday” on the track, as well as for his womanising at the peak of his 1990s fame – declared in the summer of 2023 he hadn’t had sex in “maybe a year or so”.

He has now told The TMZ Podcast about extending his self-imposed celibacy into 2024: “When I did the first album, ‘Born To Do It’, I was 17-years old. So these were all aspirations.

“In a funny way, as much as I was like, ‘Wow,’ to myself for a moment, it just felt that creativity has been on a hundred, on a max for those two years (since giving up sex.)”

Craig added he decided to “park” his sexual appetite as he wanted to explore what his life would be like without the pressure of being physical with partners.

The singer is currently on his “7 Days” tour which hit a glitch on Saturday (4.5.24) when his scheduled appearance in Las Vegas at Usher’s “Lovers and Friends” festival was cancelled on Friday evening due to dangerous weather predicted for the weekend.

Craig last year told The Louis Theroux Podcast his womanising days and string of one-night stands sparked “many different traumas”.

He added about choosing celibacy as he hunts for true love: “Sometimes you gotta pull it back, man.

“I’m 42-years old now – things are different. If we can’t deep dive, if I can’t have a conversation and at the same time laugh like crazy with you, and see the beauty from within you, then we’re just gonna be doing the same game that I’ve been playing since day one.

“I don’t want that anymore.”

He also spoke about being left with heartache from a two-week romance when he was 16, which he said “closed down” his heart.

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