Be inspired: Discover the joy of handmade holiday crafts with Canon and Creative Park

Published Dec 19, 2023


School holidays are great when you’re a kid – running around, visiting friends, making a mess in the kitchen.

But, as an adult, they can be a somewhat daunting prospect. Trying to manage your daily routine of working, cooking, and running errands is complicated enough without also having to come up with exciting activities.

That’s why it’s so important to have a few fun and affordable at-home activities up your sleeve when school lets out. But with the December holidays being especially long, it’s easy to run out of ideas – fast!

How do you keep energetic youngsters occupied and out of mischief?

This summer has been blistering hot, so telling them to play outside isn’t always the wisest choice. On the other hand, they can’t stay glued to the TV screen for days on end. There must be a better balance between captivating their attention and generating excitement for the upcoming holidays, right?

Create the best handmade memories with 31 days of crafting hacks

Leading provider of high-quality printers for homes, offices, and hybrid workspaces, Canon is helping customers hack the holidays. How? By presenting parents and kids with loads of crafting hacks to keep them entertained during the festive season.

For 31 days, Canon will share festive-inspired crafts on their Instagram page that parents can download and recreate. These holiday-themed templates will also be available to download from Creative Park, a free content service available exclusively for Canon printer owners.

To get started, ensure your Canon Inkjet printer (for example, the Canon PIXMA G3430 Printer) is compatible with the Creative Park App, and complete the simple registration process to qualify for thousands of additional nifty hacks.

Canon PIXMA G3430 Printer

Counting down each day from 1 December, Canon will unveil a unique craft hidden behind a countdown door on their Instagram page.

When the link is clicked, it will direct you to Creative Park’s website where the template can easily be downloaded, or you can alternatively download the Creative Park App on any mobile app store. From there, it’s as simple as printing out the design and handing over the reins to the kids.

Enjoy a fun-filled (and sane!) festive season with 31 days of crafty hacks courtesy of Canon's Creative Park. After all, the best memories are handmade. Ready, set, craft!​