The South African Spa Association: Regulating the South African Spa industry

Published Aug 25, 2023


The South African Spa Association is the ambassador for the South African spa Industry, representing all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

The desire for healthier lifestyles and for alternatives to allopathic care has spurred demand for new wellness services, products, practices, and businesses.

The wellness market:

This dynamic environment has stimulated countless new business innovations, research, investments, and products/services, mostly to the benefit of consumers.

Everyone wants and needs something different when it comes to their personal wellness, and the wellness market provides an ever-expanding array of options to meet those needs, as well as the opportunity to scale and expand services and access for different populations.

Moving from “sick care” to prevention

Research has shown that 80-90% of our individual health outcomes are determined by environmental, socio-economic, and lifestyle factors. Healthcare systems have little influence on the social determinants that so heavily influence our health and longevity.

Currently, our healthcare systems are primarily “sick care” systems, emphasizing diagnosis and treatment of illness and injuries, while doing a very poor job at prevention.

The wellness movement has raised awareness of the shortcomings of our “sick care” model and the importance of self-care and community care approaches, emphasizing prevention and health-enhancing practices. This shift can potentially help more people live longer and healthier lives.

About the South African Spa Association:

The South African Spa Association is the ambassador for the Spa Industry, with representation in all aspects related to spas, such as health and wellness, tourism and hospitality, education and training.

The association members are professionals with wellness, health and skincare, healing, medicine or spa experience who work in partnership to develop and implement approaches that will help shape the future of the South African Spa Industry.

The association is an up-to-date association that encourages its members to blend the worlds of wellness, health and skincare, healing, medicine and spa.

The South African Spa Association has an important roles in:

● Growing a trustworthy industry

● Educating the spa visitor about the benefits of spa experiences

● Setting the guidelines and standards for the establishment of a spa as well as quality control the spa establishments

● Certification of membership

● Association with international spa association and respective authorities, ensuring standards are of international level

South African Spa Association members:

The association is dedicated to be an accessible and inclusive organization. Members include:

● Spa businesses

● Spa consultants, Architects and Designers

● Spa Product and Service Suppliers

● Spa Equipment Suppliers

● Spa Training Providers

● Hoteliers and those in the Hospitality Industry

● Spa travel agents, tour operators and others in the travel and tourism industry

The Spa Association can assist with:

  • How to choose a spa
  • Information and facts on the wellness industry
  • Wellness and Spa information
  • Spa trends

List of spas who are members.

For more information contact Dr Nadine de Freitas, executive director of the SA Spa Association.

Tel: 083 267 2773 or e-mail: [email protected], or visit the Website: