Did Sarah Langa just shade Queen Embee? ‘You will never be me!’

Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram

Sarah Langa. Picture: Instagram

Published Nov 23, 2023


Sarah Langa has taken to threads to seemingly blast Queen Embee for copying the things she does and trying to be like her.

In a rant, Langa wrote: “Lol girls be out here trying to steal your whole life.

“They will f*ck your man, dress like you, start doing all the sh*t you like do, even start doing pilates but listen you’ll never BE Me!!”

The London-based influencer did not say names in the angry rant, but netizens put two and two together.

They all agreed that she was attacking another upcoming social media influencer who calls herself Queen Embee.

Picture: Threads screenshot

Queen Embee, a fast-rising content creator, creates content that looks much like Langa’s, from where she takes her pictures to favouring black among all the colours of clothes to wear.

Some of her fans have even told her she looks like Langa in some posts.

Additionally, Queen Embee is also dating one of Langa’s well-known exes, Lonwabo Sambudla.

The businessman is former president Jacob Zuma’s ex-son-in-law.

In February, he was rumoured to be romantically linked to Langa, and they were said to have been together for a year.

Rumour has it that Sambudla is also now romantically linked to Queen Embee, which is why the influencers are fighting.

After being shared on X, many people had mixed reactions to Langa’s outburst on threads. Some X users applauded Sambudla for “rotating” influencers.

An online user commented: “She’s even mad about pilates? Heaven forbid a girl tries to get in shape.”

Another joked: “He understood the assignment. Your side must be hotter than your main."