Roger Federer designs his own sunglasses range

Swiss former tennis player Roger Federer. Picture: Adrian Dennis / AFP

Swiss former tennis player Roger Federer. Picture: Adrian Dennis / AFP

Published Mar 15, 2024


Roger Federer has designed his own range of sunglasses for Oliver Peoples.

The former sports star got stuck into the creative process for the tennis-themed collection which feature the number eight - representing his birthday and his number of Wimbledon titles - as well as a pattern inspired by the strings of a tennis racket and an octagonal shape which draws on the style of a racket butt.

Roger said of the collection: "Sunglasses are something I’ve enjoyed as my sport has required me to chase the sun 80 percent of my life. One of the main goals of our collection was to create sunglasses that could be utilised in every aspect of one’s routine - off or on the court."

Rocco Basilico, Oliver Peoples CEO, added of the tennis champ: "His impact is legendary and reaches beyond the world of tennis. A brand is all about reputation, and Roger has one of the highest.”

The first six styles dropped this week and Roger has declared he's thrilled with the final products. He told GQ Sports: "I think when you have a chance to work with great people, great minds, you get into this idea of how cool would it be to have your own sunglasses and, if you could, who would you choose?

"And you’re like: Oliver Peoples, how cool would that be?California, such a distant place from Switzerland, such a different world altogether ... I just thought it could be something really, really fun."

He added: "Oliver Peoples really thought it would be cool to reference tennis with some of the colours, which reference the different surfaces, and the strings at the back with the logo.

"And I just thought that actually is a great idea. So okay, let’s dive deeper into it. I’m so happy with the result. Honestly, I think they look really good."

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