Thabooty’s shapewear with a zip raises coochie safety concerns

The Thabooty girdle. Picture: Instagram/Thabooty

The Thabooty girdle. Picture: Instagram/Thabooty

Published Sep 5, 2023


Any woman who has ever tried on shapewear understands the struggle of getting into one of those.

It’s a whole lot of tugging, fastening and making sure that everything is sucked into the right places.

And if getting into one isn’t enough of a mission, getting out of it can be just as challenging.

By the end of the day, it feels like the skintight undergarment has become one with your body, and you literally have to peel it off.

The worst is when you’re in a hurry.

Even worse when you have to use the bathroom!

In steps Thando Thabethe and her Thabooty shapewear to save the day.

Thabooty recently launched a girdle with a special feature.

The undergarment features a zip at the bottom so that ladies don’t have to take off the full girdle in order to use the bathroom.

How clever is that?

Thabethe took to TikTok to show off the new shapewear and all its amazing features.


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It’s called the Thabooty’s girdle, which features eyelets, lacy elastic bands around the thighs, and the zipper, of course.

The video was shared on X by Le Super (@Mmakgosidarling) with the caption: "Thabooty shapewear has a zip under your crotch so you can pee without going through the most".

While many are thrilled about the zipper, others are more concerned about how things could possibly go wrong while using it.

"Zipping your pubes after that 4th margarita," commented one person.

Another said: "This is so unrealistic 😂 you could quit literally zip your clit off."

"Doubt this is gonna work, especially for us big girls. Also, this means that the tights must be worn with no panties. Uh oh," remarked someone else.