Lira and Mi Casa to shine in "Precious Metals” at The Glenlivet JazzTown marquee #SunMet

Platinum-selling artist, Lira. (Supplied)

Platinum-selling artist, Lira. (Supplied)

Published Jan 22, 2019


The countdown has begun to South Africa’s biggest horse racing event, the Sun Met celebrated by G.H.Mumm, taking place this weekend at Kenilworth Racecourse.

Whether you’re betting on the races, check out your favourite music artists or a fashionista dressing to impress, The Glenlivet JazzTown marquee is the spot to be if you’re there for all three! 

Those seated in the marquee will enjoy show-stopping performances by a line-up of South African artists who define their genre - multi-award winning songstress Lira, SA’s beloved House phenomenon Mi Casa, and the legendary Soweto String Quartet.

With this year’s theme being  “African Luxury: Precious Metals” we spoke to performing artists Lira and the guys from Mi Casa about their take on the theme and what we can expect from their performances on the day. 

What do you think of this year's theme - African Luxury: Precious Metals?

LIRA: Well, part of the legacy is our mineral wealth. In wanting to find genuine South African themes, this could be very interestingly expressed. I can't wait to see individuals' interpretations.

J'SOMETHING (Mi Casa): I think this year’s theme is quite creative. When you think of precious metals, you think of silver and gold and these are cool colours that can pop well on fashion outfits so ya, I think it’s gonna be fun.

How will you be interpreting the theme? 

LIRA: I wouldn't want to reveal all my secrets. If fashion is your thing, you'll have to come through and see for yourself. 

Multi-award winning songstress Lira. (Pic supplied)

Which precious metal would you describe yourself as?

J'SOMETHING (Mi Casa): I think I would describe Mi Casa as platinum, Platinum is premium and it's long-lasting. Platinum is what our albums have been. 

Do you have any tips on what to and what not to wear at the Met? 

LIRA: My personal view is to keep it classy. One of my stage jokes is that we're out here marketing the goods, not giving them away. Girlfriends, you know what I'm saying.

What style tips do you have for guys who plan on attending the Met?

MO-T (Mi Casa): Just to keep it simple and bring out your best metal, of course, look fresh and also don’t try too hard.

SA’s beloved House phenomenon Mi Casa. (Pic supplied)

What do you look forward to most at The Glenlivet JazzTown marquee this year?

LIRA: This will be my first public performance of 2019 and I’m so happy it’s at The Glenlivet JazzTown marquee. A new year with new energy, audiences can expect fire!

DR DUDA (Mi Casa): I am looking forward to everyone dressing up Big as usual and to seeing their fashion style. I am also looking forward to the music which is something that always keeps everyone together man, for so many years it’s always a great crowd. We need music to keep us happy and entertained.

What can The Glenlivet JazzTown guests expect from your special performance?

LIRA:  have 6 studio albums under my belt so I have a wide repertoire of songs to choose from and sometimes improvise the choice of song depending on how interactive my audience is. If you guys want more dance tunes, for example, it’s coming your way!

DR DUDA (Mi Casa): Guests can obviously expect a great performance from Mi Casa, some new music and ja, just good vibes and great energy.

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