Toyota reveals new Urban SUV concept, which will spawn its cheapest EV

Published Dec 5, 2023


Toyota may have had a slow start to the electric vehicle (EV) game, but its new battery-powered models are set to come through thick and fast.

The Japanese carmaker plans to launch 10 new electric models by 2026 and the new Urban SUV Concept shows that it will compete at the more affordable end of the scale too.

Revealed at Toyota’s annual Kenshiki forum in Brussels this week, the Urban SUV Concept hints at a production model planned to launch in Europe during 2024. However at this stage it’s unclear whether the compact model will be offered in other overseas markets.

Built on a dedicated EV platform, the design study fits into the B-Segment SUV space, likely going up against the Volvo EX30. Measuring 4.3 metres in length, it will be among the larger vehicles in its segment. It has a chunkier and more SUV-like design than the BZ Compact SUV concept, which seems to mimic the coupe-like Toyota C-HR.

Either way, Toyota says the production version of its Urban SUV Concept will be the most affordable of its six planned EV models for the region

“The Toyota Urban SUV Concept has an authentic SUV presence, with a compact body set on strong shoulders and a high driving position,” Toyota said. “Space is maximised in a flexible interior that can easily be adapted to prioritise passenger or load space as required.”

The compact SUV will be available in single-motor front-wheel drive as well as dual-motor all-wheel drive variants, Toyota says.

Clients will also get to choose from two battery variants with different capacities, allowing the company to compete at the more affordable end of the EV market while also offering an option for those willing to pay more for a longer driving range.

The Toyota Urban SUV was one of four concept cars that Toyota presented at its event in Belguim.

The company also presented the Sport Crossover Concept, which previews a larger and more luxurious EV model with swoopy styling reminiscent of the latest ICE-powered Crown. The vehicle has been developed in conjunction with BYD for the Chinese and European markets.

On a more exciting note Toyota also pulled the covers off the latest version of its FT-Se sports car concept, which could spawn an electric successor to the iconic MR2.

No performance details have been released as yet but the carmaker says is promising a true sports car experience thanks to the lightweight components, including the motor, and a compact but high energy density battery.

Finally the FT-3e Concept previews Toyota’s next-generation EV architecture, which will allow the company to create a wide variety of products including the Lexus LF-ZC luxury sedan and the aforementioned FT-Se sports car.

“These next generation BEV vehicles are designed to achieve the lowest possible weight and optimised aerodynamics for increased efficiency and range, whilst at the same time bringing a focus on efficient resources usage,” Toyota says.

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