Watch out! Steep rise in car remote jamming recorded as festive season approaches

The tools of keyless car crime

The tools of keyless car crime

Published Nov 26, 2021


Johannesburg - Following a gradual decline in car remote jamming in the past year, motorists have been warned that there has recently been a sharp increase in this car crime that often occurs in shopping centres.

According to data released by vehicle tracking company Netstar, car jamming incidences have risen by 66.6% since the middle of November. This is likely as a result of increased shopping activity in the run-up to Black Friday and the festive season.

Netstar says the jamming device most often used is a 400MHz gate or garage remote control. Although the crime is relatively common, the perpetrators are seldom caught.

“Remote jamming stops the vehicle receiving signals from your remote,” Netstar Technology Chief Clifford de Wit said. “It is like a noise in a room – anyone can talk, but the noise prevents people hearing.”

How to prevent remote jamming

The most important preventative measure is to make sure the car responds the way it should when locking. Do you hear a click? Do the lights flash? If you don’t have a remote entry system with door sensors, then it’s also advisable to physically check that the door is locked. Clicking the remote more than once could also increase your chances of avoiding remote jamming.

Parking closer to entrance of the shopping mall could also provide a degree of protection, Netstar advises, especially when there are security cameras nearby.

Furthermore Dial Direct spokesperson John October advises motorists to avoid leaving any items of interest on cars seats or anywhere within view of potential criminals. You should also avoid leaving house keys or important papers in your car.

Installing jamming-prevention technology is another way to safeguard your car. Netstar says its system notifies car owners via SMS if its JammingResist device detects a remote jamming signal.

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