Long-term update: Joburg to Cape Town a cinch in our Ford Ranger XL Double Cab

Published Nov 7, 2023


There's something undeniably alluring about the open road, stretching endlessly, promising adventure and discovery at every turn.

And what a delight it was to embark on this journey with the new The Ford Ranger XL.

A road trip - with my family of five - from Johannesburg to Cape Town, powered by just R3,000 worth of diesel. The journey's biggest revelation? The Ford Ranger XL's exceptional fuel efficiency, a beacon of hope in an era of soaring fuel prices.

I am not sure if it was designed with families in mind, but the bakkie boasts a spacious interior which provides ample room for all passengers to stretch out and enjoy the ride. Soft seats provide the ultimate comfort, making long drives a delight rather than a chore.

One cannot help but notice the bakkie's striking new appearance. Its rugged, square front end gave it an imposing presence. It was not uncommon for passersby to comment that it resembled one of those iconic American monster trucks.

Despite my lack of expertise in cars, I couldn't help but feel like a million bucks when comparing it to my smaller vehicle.

Inside the cabin, a massive display awaited, boasting an array of easy-to-use features. The sound system elevated our trip to a whole new level of enjoyment, transforming our drive into a rolling concert.

The cruise control feature proved very handy, allowing me to sit back and enjoy the journey without constantly adjusting my speed. Never having driven such a huge car, the oversized reverse parking camera gave me the confidence to manoeuvre, even in tight spots.

It’s an impressive list of features, given that the XL is the second least expensive Ranger double cab model.

Travelling with teenagers, staying connected became a top priority, and Ford came through with a multitude of USB and a C-cable ports, including those thoughtfully placed at the rear seat for added convenience.

I couldn’t nitpick and find a fault, but my husband pointed out that softer surfaces on the dashboard would have been a great feature. But this minor detail hardly overshadowed the overall experience.

Upon returning from our holiday, my husband and I discovered that we had missed out on some of the bakkie's ingenious storage space features in the back seat, proving its practicality.

Throughout our journey, the Ford Ranger XL took us on scenic routes in Cape Town, enhancing our appreciation of the stunning landscapes. It accompanied us on visits to friends and family all over Cape Town, including my hometown on the Cape Flats.

There, we indulged in authentic Cape Town cuisine, savouring fish and chips and gatsbies, even if the weather occasionally played spoilsport during our 10-day adventure.

In conclusion, the road trip was an unforgettable experience. Its remarkable fuel efficiency, comfort, and impressive features transformed an ordinary journey into an extraordinary adventure. This bakkie not only transported us but became an integral part of our memorable road trip, and for that, it deserves all the accolades it can get.

The Ford Ranger 2.0 SiT double cab is powered by Ford’s single-turbo diesel engine, which offers 125kW and 405Nm. It retails at R556 800.