Focusing on what you can control will help you cope with matric results anxiety

Try and focus on those things that are within your control. Pic: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Try and focus on those things that are within your control. Pic: Pexels/Andrea Piacquadio

Published Jan 13, 2023


The Matric Class of 2023 awaits their results, with many still uncertain about what the future holds in general or this year specifically.

As of now, you have already done everything in your power to achieve success in your matriculation exams.

The one thing that these Matrics can do now is to focus on those things that are within their control rather than take a wait-and-see approach.

Waiting things out until normal returns one day is not an option. The world continues despite the challenges we continue to face, and there are things you can do to continue on your personal and professional journey to ensure you are not left behind.

Below are actions you can take to help manage and reduce stress, including but not limited to:

  • Practising stress reduction techniques that work for you.
  • Talking about your fears – your friends are probably experiencing the same anxiety about their exam results and the future, and sharing your burden with them may help ease your and their anxiety. If you feel like you need to speak to a professional, do not hesitate to call Childline toll-free on 0800 055 555 or on Lifeline 0861 322 322.
  • Thinking about your options – it is advisable to have a plan B in case you do not pass matric or, you do not get accepted into the course that you really want to study. This is the perfect time to consider or refine a plan B to minimise any negative feelings and concerns if you haven’t been successful and to enable you to pursue a different path without delay.

For the parent:

Parents need to offer support and show them that it is not the end, and there is so much that can be done after a bad result, missed distinction or points for university exemption. As a parent, we need to validate our children on the importance of trying and striving to do better. Parents, try the following methods:

  • Stay calm
  • Let your children share their thoughts and feelings, and worries
  • Help to rephrase complaints and end up with a positive outlook