9 Tips to surviving school

Published Oct 1, 2020


Truth be told, a school can be a pretty tough environment. Children face new social norms and pressures previous generations never had to deal with, and most children have little to no idea how to deal with it or successfully navigate their way through their school years.

In order to do this, children need to build or possess a resilient shield. Where do children spend most of their life? At school, of course. Being resilient means knowing how to cope and respond when faced with challenges and obstacles; it means pushing past your limits in order to succeed.

Resilience can also be described as having emotional strength or maturity.

Samantha Grebenow, a blogger for Worksheets.com, listed the following:

Survival tips

1. Face your failures - failure is essential to learn.

2. Practise makes perfect - homework is the opportunity to practise, practise, practise.

3. Find a mentor - help your child find someone who is willing to develop him or her on their journey to resilience.

4. Set goals - if your child is working towards something, it means they are always moving forward.

5. Accept a challenge - there is not an individual on this planet who can avoid change. It is inevitable.

6. Make an effort - a resilient learner understands that in order to achieve, effort is key.

7. Problem-solving - this is a critical skill that needs to be developed and encouraged. Not a day goes without being faced with some kind of challenge - from something as simple as opening a peanut butter jar to passing that maths exam.

8. Stay positive - a positive attitude is a coping mechanism. It brings optimism into one's life and eliminates stress and negativity to a large extent.

9. Celebrate your success - when your child reaches a goal, celebrate! It will make them look forward to reaching the next one. Celebrating increases morale, confidence and self esteem - and will motivate your child to strive for greater success.

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