Creating an effective balancing act

Published Oct 1, 2020


Balancing school and everything else in your life could be strenuous. But taking up an extra mural offered in school is another way to inject some relief in your routine.

Imagine having a difficult day at school; you feel drained and tired and all you want to do is take a power nap just before dinner. However, if you end up playing a game of soccer or take a few laps around the field, this activity will guarantee you some stress relief.

Write a schedule

A penned routine of your week comes in handy for you and your parents. This will prove valuable, for they need your schedule when planning family excursions.You would approach making this timetable in the same way you do for classes. This plan needs to be thorough and consistent in order for your body to become accustomed to the routine.

Taking part in sports is another way of exercising. If you arrange to do it with someone, or a team, you can have a lot of fun showing off your skills or learning some while you’re playing. Working up a sweat while playing will benefit you in having a clear skin, fit and healthy body and a refreshed feeling afterwards.


Keep motivated, no matter what obstacle you confront during the week. If you get preoccupied by other things, you end up having to run around trying to catch up. Ask your teacher for a breakdown of what you need to catch up on. Absorb the list and search for related books, movies or documentaries that you will find interesting, and which will give you additional knowledge on the subject.

Don’t procrastinate, especially if you have homework or an assignment. Try to do the work as soon as you get it. This strategy will give you enough time to clean it up, or even submit it early.

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You could also use the weekends wisely by spending some time with school work, because it is easier to stay ahead than running fast behind, being unable to catch up. A little socialising with your friends or cousins will not hurt your schedule, after all, it's the weekend. Remember to prep for the upcoming week on Sundays so you’ll have your upcoming week in order.

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