Revolutionary education geared to empower and uplift

Published Mar 27, 2024


By Oceans Marasha

Every parent wants the the best education and a school that will attend to their children’s needs.

But finding a school that offers that can be a struggle.

Changing the traditional education model to suit learners who need to learn at their own pace has inspired a revolutionary movement – the Brave Generation Academy.

Durban High School (DHS) recently announced its partnership with BGA and the first batch of learners are ready to get cracking.

Brave Generation Academy provides a curriculum recognised by the world´s leading universities as the gold standard of international education.

This is fully integrated with projects and courses, which creates a holistic learning experience to prepare learners for the future.

BGA sets up hubs around the world making education more accessible and flexible.

Tim Vieira, the CEO and Founder of BGA, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration

“Our dynamic learning model empowers students to learn at their own pace, explore their interests, and excel in their studies. Through personalised learning pathways and a supportive environment, they aim to prepare students for success in the modern world,” he says.

“To truly transform education, we must join hands with schools and Brave educators who believe in the power of collaboration to pave necessary new paths for Learners. This partnership with DHS will be the first of many as we create scalable impact that can overcome today's challenges.”

Vieira further added that the success of its recent Open Day underscored the potential of BGA in a School to revolutionise education.

“This partnership represents a pivotal moment, demonstrating the fusion of BGA's innovative learning model alongside DHS's rich heritage and community offerings.”

An early admission to the school, Mekhai Maharaj who is 14 years of age, was ecstatic about his new adventure.

“This is the kind of school that makes me excited to wake up and go, it doesn’t feel like work at all,” he says.

For students who get nervous to ask the teacher for help, BGA will be the best fit for them to complete their high school as they will receive individual attention that they need to do well in all of their subjects for their high school career.

At BGA students can set up their own deadlines for projects and their assignments are monitored to ensure that they achieve within the deadline they have set for themselves.

“I like that there is flexibility in the school starting and finishing times. This allows you to do your extracurricular activities. I like to travel and I like the fact that you can travel to other countries that have a BGA hub,” says Mekhai Maharaj.

This is a great initiative for Durban scholars who seek independence as the institution provides them with an opportunity for growth and exploring other interests to prepare them for higher education.

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