WATCH: Cheeky baboon steals hearts and snacks at year end party in Cape Town restaurant

File Photo: Armand Hough/Independent Media

File Photo: Armand Hough/Independent Media

Published Dec 7, 2023


Patrons at a Simon’s Town restaurant got more than they bargained for at their year-end party when a baboon stole and ate some of their food.

In a heart-warming twist of events at what is believed to be the Black Marlin Restaurant in Millers Point, Simon’s Town, Cape Town, a mischievous baboon turned an ordinary dining experience into a moment of unexpected amusement for patrons.

The cheeky primate made headlines after it boldly stole and munched on food from unsuspecting restaurant-goers.

The delightful escapade was caught on camera and quickly became a sensation on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) and TikTok.

As patrons attempted to shoo away the furry thief by playfully tossing bits of food its way, the baboon proved to be one step ahead, gleefully gobbling up the treats with each attempt.

However, not all the attention garnered by the baboon’s escapade was positive. The comment sections of social media posts revealed a display of racism as trolls reared their ugly heads. But as the Internet rule states, we do not feed the trolls.

Some users on social media went as far to say that they must shoot the animal but others sympathised with the primate, saying it was just hungry.


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