WATCH: Christmas decorations light up cities around the world

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

Published Dec 7, 2022


Visitors have until January 1st to admire the US National Christmas Tree and the 58 smaller trees surrounding it outside the White House in Washington, DC.  Decorated by students, the trees represent the 56 states and territories of the United States.

Outside the US Capitol, a 78-foot tall red spruce from North Carolina nicknamed "Ruby" also delights tourists and residents alike.

European Christmas

Christmas decorations are in full swing in Poland. Baublez  from Staszów are very popular around the world, hanging on Christmas trees in Italy, the US, Canada, the UK and France.

The collection is expanding every year, with 500 new designs prepared for 2022.

This year, the most fashionable are vivid, bright colours as well as geometric patterns and delicate, but richly decorated toys.

And in Hungary, two weeks from Monday, you can meet not only the drivers and ticket inspectors on the Budapest trolleybus but also Santa Claus himself and his helper.

The back of the vehicle has been transformed into Lapland, with a roaring fire in the fireplace and elves at work.

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