WATCH: Incredible Floating City Could House 50,000 People In Orb-Like Houses

Image: Supplied

Image: Supplied

Published Feb 8, 2023


Could this incredible floating city with orb-like homes house 50,000 people in the future? The remarkable concept was hatched by an international team of architects and designers.

The team is lead by Italian firm Luca Curci Architects and UK-based Tim Fu Design who hope to design a eco-friendly village that adapts to future climate demands. Designs reveal a web of smooth white structures interconnected by a circular-appearing street grid giving the city a modern touch. The stunning aesthetics of the floating village are brought to life with the lush green urban forest that inhabits the docks.

The future community will feature a total of 25 acres of interconnected platforms and various neighbourhoods. Each section will contain a mix of high-rise and low-rise buildings surrounded by a membrane of photovoltaic glasses which provide electricity to the whole floating system and make it energy-independent.

There will be a zero-waste policy, 100 percent green transport systems, water desalination, energy storage solutions, and an array of renewable energy resources and farming. The city is also planned to be a tourist destination, with areas for hotels, wellness centres, shopping malls and leisure attractions.

The floating metropolis will be accessible by sea and air. The masterpiece will be presented for the first time during this year’s international exhibition of architecture, Biennale Architettura.