Zuma is a magnet that pulls crowd, ANC should be worried about him being on ballot paper - Prof Sipho Seepe

South Africa - Durban - 28 January 2024 - Umkhonto Wesizwe party hosted their rally at KwaXimba, near Cato Ridge on SundayPicture; Doctor Ngcobo

South Africa - Durban - 28 January 2024 - Umkhonto Wesizwe party hosted their rally at KwaXimba, near Cato Ridge on SundayPicture; Doctor Ngcobo

Published Apr 9, 2024


According to political analyst Professor Sipho Seepe, there is concern within the ANC regarding the presence of former President Jacob Zuma on the ballot paper. Seepe said Zuma is loved by many, is a crowd puller and people who would normally vote for the ANC will now vote for Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party.

"The ANC should be concerned about Zuma's comeback because the people who are going to vote Umkhonto weSizwe (MK) Party would normally vote for the ANC. So if MK runs with Zuma as the number one candidate, we know that he is a crowd puller than any other political leader except for Julius Malema, " he said.

Zuma will be on the ballot on election day, May 29, this time for MKP. This is after the Electoral Court on Tuesday dismissed the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC)'s decision to bar the former statesman from contesting for a parliamentary seat.

MKP had approached the court to challenge the IEC's decision. The IEC had released the list of candidates of parties, and in line with the law, asked for objections.

The commission had received an objection against Zuma, following his 15 months sentence to jail in 2021 for contempt of court.

He was housed at the Estcourt prison in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), this is where he served only two or two months in jail and was released on medical parole.

He was later granted a remission of sentence after the courts found his parole release was unlawful.

On Tuesday after the court judgment, Seepe told IOL that the ANC has to be concerned when one of the popular leaders like Zuma is campaigning against them because that would reduce its well-being.

He stressed that the ANC should bite a bullet and simply expel Zuma because of their delay which would work against them.

In January, the ANC suspended Zuma from the party and said: "There was no need to expel him because him campaigning for another party means he expelled himself."

"They should be concerned because Zuma is a magnet, a crowd puller and people are more likely to go with him. So it becomes a threat to the ANC's support base," he said.

Last year in December, Zuma indicated that he would not vote for the ANC, stating that his conscience would not allow him to vote for the ANC or President Cyril Ramaphosa.

“I cannot and will not campaign for the ANC of Ramaphosa. My conscience will not allow me to lie to the people of South Africa and pretend that the ANC of Ramaphosa was the one of [late former ANC leaders Albert] Luthuli, [Oliver] Tambo, and [Nelson] Mandela,” Zuma said.

Zuma said the current ANC was not the one he went to jail for.

IOL has sent questions to the ANC and is still awaiting a response on the matter.

However, in a post on X (former Twitter), the ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula said it will be evident who is who on election day.

"Inkwenkwe ebuya nemfuyo kaYise iphelele,uYise akayibuleli, kodwa ngomhla ofanelekileyo,uyayibonakalisela ixabiso layo!29 May is the Day!!!Kwabiwa ilifa nge29. Kocaca umahlukokwiNkulu neNdlalifa. Umbutho will have to decide ukuba uyiNkulu okanye uyindlalifa.29th May is the Day!!!Inkomo ichith' indlu.Ungatyhola umfuleli, kanti ludonga lakhelw'ezantsi.29th May is the Day," the tweet reads.

This translates to:’ "A boy who returns with his father's possessions is complete, his father does not thank him, but on the right day, he shows his value! 29 May is the Day!!! The inheritance was distributed on the 29th.

"The difference between the Great and the Heir is clear. The party will have to decide if he is the Chief or the heir. 29th May is the Day!!! The cow is destroying the house. You can blame the roofer, but the wall is not built. 29th May is the Day."

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