#CourtneyPieters mom hospitalised for TB of the brain

Juanita Pieters was admitted to hospital for tuberculosis. Picture: Daily Voice

Juanita Pieters was admitted to hospital for tuberculosis. Picture: Daily Voice

Published Oct 12, 2017


Cape Town - The heartbroken mother of murdered Courtney Pieters, 3, from Elsies River “is not doing well” after she was hospitalised.

Juanita Pieters was taken to the Brooklyn Chest Hospital in Brooklyn following a diagnosis of tuberculosis meningitis, which has resulted in “a massive growth” on her head.

Due to this, the mom missed a court appearance of her child’s alleged rapist and killer on 6 October.

Earlier this year, shortly after Courtney’s funeral in May, Juanita developed an abscess in her right breast.


Courtney was still drinking breast milk, but after her death, Juanita’s breast became engorged and she developed the abscess due to blocked milk ducts.

Relatives said the mom of four had been in a lot of pain and would complain: “Courtney se bors is seer”.

The 43-year-old was admitted to Tygerberg hospital a month ago, suffering from TB.

For the past two weeks she has been at Brooklyn Chest Hospital, where her condition has worsened, according to relatives.

Courtney Pieters Picture: Supplied

A family member believes the strain of Courtney’s death and people blaming her for the rape and murder of her youngest child had become too much for Juanita.

Cousin Lishel Simmers says: “I spoke to the doctor and he showed me the massive growth on her brain. Sometimes she is OK, but she is also very confused.

“She asks for Courtney all the time and begs me to bring her along for a visit.

“We tell her that Courtney is no longer with us, and she will just sink into silence.

“I can’t bear to see her like this. She lives for her children and wants to give them the world. What happened with Courtney is killing her slowly. I don’t know how to help her, except to just be there for Andrea, 19, Kayla, 13, and Adrian, 7.

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Courtney disappeared from her home in Salberau Estate house in May. She was found buried in a shallow grave in Epping Industria, not far from her home.

The man accused of the brutal act was the family’s boarder in their Pluto Street home, Mortimer Saunders, 40.

Saunders will appear for his first pre-trial hearing at the Western Cape High Court on 24 November.

“I hope Juanita sees justice done for Courtney before it is too late,” adds Lishel.

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