Gift of the Givers to increase charges against Netanyahu for war crimes in Gaza

Picture: Supplied/Gift of The Givers

Picture: Supplied/Gift of The Givers

Published Dec 7, 2023


Gift of the Givers (GOTG) says it will add to a host of charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as Israeli airstrikes and attacks on Palestine continue.

“Gift of the Givers has engaged a legal team that is in communication with French Senior Council, Gilles Devers, who with a team of three hundred (and growing) legal experts worldwide are petitioning the ICC to charge Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, with war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing. Gift of the Givers is adding to that charge sheet through the legal team,” said founder of the Gift of the Givers Foundation, Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, in a statement released on Thursday.

Sooliman added that the GOTG team is already providing evidence as well as preparing affidavits to present to the Hague.

This comes as the war on Palestine has been raging for over two months and members as well as families of GOTG teams are being affected. In a recent Israeli airstrikes, an entire family of GOTG team member Ayah Jaber was killed.

Earlier this week, Jaber gave a personal account of the murder of fifty of her family members by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) during the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

Jaber described how an airstrike destroyed their home, killing family members. Then an Israeli sniper shot and killed Jaber’s stepfather as he walked out of his building.

An already distraught Jaber now learned that a recent airstrike killed her mother, the mother's sisters, brothers and others.

Sooliman said in the statement that collectively, one hundred family members of the Gift of the Givers team have been murdered by “the coward Israeli Occupation Forces in their process of ethnic cleansing”.

Sooliman said despite military backing and strong political ties with the United States, Netanyahu, and his Defence Minister, Yoav Gallant, “have run out of ideas”.

Sooliman echoed the popular sentiment that they have lost the PR war but are now “indiscriminately bombing unarmed innocent civilians.”

At least 17,177 Palestinians have been killed since October, according to Gaza Health Ministry figures. While a total of 1,200 people were killed in the Hamas incursion into Israel, according to Israeli tallies.