These areas will experience water shortage as City of Cape Town does zero-pressure tests

A number of areas in Cape Town is cautioned to brace for water shortage or low pressure water from Tuesday until Thursday. File picture: Pexels

A number of areas in Cape Town is cautioned to brace for water shortage or low pressure water from Tuesday until Thursday. File picture: Pexels

Published Mar 12, 2024


Cape Town residents were cautioned to brace for water shortages or low pressure water from Tuesday until Thursday as the City of Cape Town was doing maintenance work.

The City said it has been doing these tests over the past few weeks in a bid to “enhance the water supply system”.

Zero-pressure tests (ZPT) and conditional assessments will be done on the water supply network in the following areas:

– Tuesday from 10am to 4pm: Cherrywood Gardens, Roundhay, Lionviham, Kalamunda and Audas Estate (Somerset West).

– Thursday, March 14 from 9am to 4pm: Somerset Ridge, Westridge in Somerset West and Audas Estate in Bizweni (Somerset West).

In these affected areas, some residents may experience low water pressure, and some may have no water coming out of their taps for some time during the testing period.

Conditional testing ensures that the pressure-reducing valves in the water supply network are operating effectively and managing the pressures to preserve the lifespan of the pipeline and reduce the occurrence of water wastage resulting from pipe bursts.

It is worth noting that pressure fluctuations may be experienced.

Maintenance work, including pipe and valve installations, repairs and replacements will result in water supply disruption to Schaapkraal, Philippi.

This is what will happen.

The maintenance team will be installing a 200mm diameter water meter on the water supply main on the on the corner of 11th Avenue and Strandfontein Road from 10am until 5pm on Thursday.

This will require that the water supply between 11th Avenue and Boundary Road and surrounds be shut off during this period to enable the work to be done safely.

A water tanker will be made available to provide water for domestic consumption where required.

What you need to know about the water supply disruptions

What residents need to know about larger-scale planned water supply disruptions:

1. Maintenance work on water and sanitation systems has been carefully scheduled to minimise disruption to the water supply.

2. Areas undergoing repairs are designated as construction sites and are inaccessible to the public.

3. Maintenance tasks may require more time due to unforeseen complexities.

4. Following restoration of water supply, temporary discoloration or cloudiness may occur due to trapped air in the pipes, but this typically resolves on its own, resulting in clear water.

How to prepare planned water supply disruptions

1. Store enough water in clean, sealed containers in advance for use during this period.

2. Keep your taps closed to prevent any water loss and/or damage when the water supply is restored.

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