British Prime Minister's home invaded

Published Aug 3, 2023


The constituency home of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in Yorkshire was on Wednesday invaded by environmental activists over the impending development at the unused Rosebank oilfield.

The oilfield is located west of the Shetland Islands in Archipelago, Scotland.

According to international energy company Equinor, “it acquired the operatorship in 2019” and will be working with its partners to produce up to 300 million barrels of oil.

It also said the field is being “developed as part of the UK Government North Sea Transition deal, and will bring much needed energy security and investment in the UK while supporting the UK’s net zero target.”

Equinor also explained the investment prospects and how the project is likely to boost the UK’s economy.

It said that: “according to a socioeconomic study based on data and analysis from Wood Mackenzie and Voar Energy, Rosebank is estimated to create GBP 8.1 billion of direct investment, of which GBP 6.3 billion is likely to be invested in UK-based businesses.”

But Greenpeace is having none of that.

In a drastic move and as part of the ongoing protests around the project, its members scaled the Walls of Sunak’s home.

They could be seen covering the entire building with a black cloth.

The giant-pro environment organisation has bemoaned government’s decision to hand out new oil licences.

It described the this as a “climate disaster” adding that the decision will also affect bills.

“We've seen governments make countless u-turns when enough public pressure is put on them. Let’s force Rishi Sunak to pick a side: oil profits or our future?” it said and urged social media users to “tweet” the Prime Minister in a bid to halt the project from going ahead.

While some social media users welcomed the move, others were less impressed while some described it as too “extreme” and questioned the security threat around this move.

Meanwhile Sunak has defended the oil project.

The Conservative Party leader said that Tories held the view that British energy and any affiliated projects should come about as means to benefit the Brits.

“By backing oil and gas licences in the North Sea, I’m strengthening our energy security and boosting British jobs. Labour’s approach would just make the UK more reliant on hostile states like Russia,” he said.

It is thought that Sunak and his family were not at home at the time of the incident as they have travelled abroad for holidays.

Police were called to the scene.