Jargon buster: financial phrases simplified

Published Mar 1, 2024


JUST SA’s weekly jargon buster aims to give simple, plain English explanations of typical words and phrases used in the financial industry, in particular words relating to guaranteed life annuities and living annuities.

This week, we look at the letter: E

EEnhanced AnnuityAn enhanced annuity is a life annuity that pays a higher income to an individual if aspects of their lifestyle (such as smoking and drinking alcohol), socio-economic or medical history could shorten their life expectancy. By considering these factors, the annuity provider may offer a higher starting income, to reflect the potentially shorter lifespan of the annuitant compared to average life expectancy.
EscalationEscalation describes the way in which an annuity income can increase each year. You may choose to have no increase (level annuity) or increase your annuity each year at a fixed rate (say 5% per annum) or in line with the change in a measure of inflation, such as the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Source: Just Retirement SA, [email protected].

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