Harassed Radio BOP employee seeks justice

Bop Radio employee, Lerato Phaku has accused her boss of making her work life a living hell and resigned to protect her mental health. Picture Supplied.

Bop Radio employee, Lerato Phaku has accused her boss of making her work life a living hell and resigned to protect her mental health. Picture Supplied.

Published Feb 10, 2024


A BOP radio station employee Lerato Phaku has allegedly been intimidated and threatened by her bosses after she raised concerns about the level of toxicity, harassment, and unfair labour practices at the institution. Phaku, a seasoned Strategist and Marketing Officer, claims her boss, Gift Mogapi made her working environment unbearable by constantly being dictatorial and hostile towards her all the time.

“The working environment was not conducive, it was toxic, volatile, dictatorial, hostile and harassment from my Boss. Under these circumstances, conditions forced me to make a hard decision to protect my mental health, safety and wellbeing. Unfortunately, the Company didn't adhere to the policies of Labour Law in this Country,” she said.

Phaku said while executing her duties as the station’s spokesperson she was never provided with proper working equipment such as laptops, and data to execute her work diligently.

She said since the beginning of her contract on December 5th up until February 6th, she has been working abnormal hours, from 6 am-6 pm, seven days a week thus she did not have any day off or social life due to her work ethics and building a Brand that was her objectives and vision aligning with Radio Bop Africa.

This, Phaku said, was the reason she decided to relinquish her responsibilities as the station’s spokesperson.

“Therefore, Me as a professional I can no longer be associated with Radio Bop Africa. The relationship has broken down irretrievably.

There's no trust, I fear for my life and safety. That is the reason I resigned with Immediate Effect. It is for these reasons that I have opened a case of Harassment & Intimidation with Mahikeng Police Station, Restraining Order, CCMA Case and Character Assassination Order”.

However, Phaku’s boss Mogapi denied all the allegations levelled against him as pure lies.

He accused Phaku of slandering him and then prevented him from defending himself by slapping him with a court order barring him from responding to her.

“I am not allowed to respond to her in the media, but my lawyers are busy dealing with the interdict and soon we will issue a media statement. There are things she did behind the management which I will disclose soon,” Mogapi explained.

Soon after Saturday Star had sent Mogapi questions, he immediately paid Phaku her money.

“I suddenly got paid yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon. After he was served with Court papers a day before and received a call from the detective in this case,” she told Saturday Star.

When asked if this was a sign of good faith from Mogapi, Phaku said this was one of his underhand tactics.

“Nothing new! Sneaky character. I just wanted to update you with his recent developments from my side,” she concluded.

The publication's attempts to follow up on Mogapi concerning the sudden payment of Phaku were unsuccessful as he did not reply to telephones and emails we sent.

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