Hopadinho SA hopes his music makes people believe nothing is impossible in life

Hopadinho SA. Picture: Supplied

Hopadinho SA. Picture: Supplied

Published Feb 24, 2024


Up-and-coming DJ Mabore Jack Hopane, fondly known as Hopadinho SA, gives us a peek into his musical journey, from moving to the City of Gold in search of greener pastures, to sharing stages with acclaimed music sensations.

The music star hailing from Limpopo is one of South Africa’s most promising house and dance music DJs and producer whose passion for music fuels his journey.

The milestones in his career includes the release of his EP, Matuma titled after after his son.

Hopane has shown tenacity in the face of various obstacles and is excited to release his second EP later this year to offer his adoring fans a taste of his music.

Saturday Star spoke with Hopadinho SA who shares nuggets from his roller coaster journey that has seen him flourish as DJ.

How did your career journey start?

In early 2000, two of my oldest brothers, based in Joburg, used to come home with cassette tapes, some empty, and I would give myself time to listen to them. The empty ones I would use to record songs and mix-tapes I liked as they played on the radio, then I would remove the advertisements to ensure the songs played without any interruptions.

I listen to the radio a lot just so I can discover new music from the likes of DJ Kent, Fresh, Black Coffee, Bekzin Terris, Euphonik, Themba, Franky, Dino Bravo, and Phonetic SA. I would record their pre-recorded radio mixes on cassette tapes, and then that is how I developed love and passion for DJing. From then, I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

What are some of the biggest highlights of your career?

Buying my own studio and DJ gear was one of my biggest highlights. Releasing an EP under our (me and BlacTears) own label called H & B Ghost Lab was another big deal. I was also invited to play at Tequila Gang, one of the biggest deep house movements in South Africa. Recording my first YouTube live mix under the House Kitchen Channel, now called Gang Digitals was also memorable.

I have also shared the stage with some of the great artists such as Oscar Mbo, Coco SA, OttoB of Tequila Gang, Masia the Godfather, King Monada, Pleasure, Kharishma, Lebza the Villian, Outcome, etc. It's living proof of one's improvement and growth in the industry.

What has kept you motivated as a music artist?

The love and warmth of support I receive from fellow DJs, producers, family, and friends all over the country. Kgomo Ramaite has been a blessing to me since we first met when I asked for a slot at one of the events he hosted. He has so much faith in my craft and pushes me to be a better person and be great at what I do. BlacTears has been instrumental in helping me grasp the production techniques and skills to put together a mouth-watering EP titled Matuma, which has now passed 40 000 streams in all digital media stores and has since been played in more than 50 countries worldwide. Getting booked to come share my music taste and journey at different Clubs, Pubs, Tarven, Clothing stores and/or restaurants. Being on the same line up and sharing the stage with the best in the game.

What do you hope people take from your music?

A sense of hope and believe that nothing is impossible in life.

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