Ayanda Ncwane still keeping new bae a secret but confirms ‘He’s a good kisser’

Former housewife of Durban Ayanda Ncwane. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Former housewife of Durban Ayanda Ncwane. Picture: INSTAGRAM

Published Dec 7, 2023


Ayanda Ncwane, a fashion icon and CEO of Ncwane Communications, has opened up about her love life after facing public scrutiny.

After the passing of her gospel sensation husband, Sifiso Ncwane, due to health complications seven years ago, Ncwane has been focusing on herself, her business ventures, and her memorable role in the “Real Housewives of Durban”.

In a recent episode of Mzansi Magic’s “Sip & Talk” show, hosted by Dineo Ranaka, Ncwane spilled the beans on her new romantic interest.

While keeping his identity a secret, she did share a playful detail – he's a "good kisser."

During the interview, Ncwane expressed her happiness in her new relationship: "Oh yes, I’m happy to tell you I have found love, finally. Even the Bible says there’s time for grieving and mourning.

“I believe I have mourned my husband enough. After lengthy pondering, I felt it wise to dust myself off and move on with my life."

There were alleged conflicts reported by "The South African News," where Sfiso Ncwane mother, Fikile, stated: “As far as I’m concerned, I don’t have a daughter-in-law. I disowned Ayanda a long time ago, but now I am making it official.

“I took that decision when she brought the police into my home, accusing me of ill-treating and attacking her.”

However, Ncwane said that she was on good terms with her mother-in-law, debunking the rumours of a fallout between them after Ncwane’s passing.